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Instructions for Conference Reviewers:

The deadline for submitting a proposal for this year’s conference has passed. Thank you to all who have sent us your work!

Reviewers: Please login below to find your assigned abstracts.

  • Email R.J. Lambert at lamberro@musc.edu for assistance with the review process or login information.

Reviews are due on Friday, June 7. 

Before starting your reviews, please take a quick look to ensure that you have no apparent conflicts of interests and are not associated in any way with your assigned abstracts. (We can swap abstracts with another reviewer if this is caught early.)

Instructions for Reviews

  1. On your dashboard, you should see Assigned Proposals. Under Action, click on Add Review.
  2. After reviewing the proposal, please select your choices for Relevance and Quality.
  3. Under the Suggest Type prompt, please confirm whether the author’s choice of submission type is appropriate for the proposal. This is noted in gray at the top of the box.
  4. Under Suggest Status, please choose Accepted or Rejected.
  5. Please note that you must type a comment in the Add Comments box to submit the review. If you are choosing to reject, a brief statement about the reason for rejection would be helpful.

Thank you, again, for your service to CPTSC!

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